Step-by-Step Guide for Filling Out the Self-Employed Tax Return on Taxisnet
It includes guidelines for completing the Income Tax Return for the tax year 2023 through the Taxisnet portal. The deadline for submitting the 2023 return is July 31, 2024.

All self-employed individuals who made sales (gross income) over €19,500 in the year 2023 are required to submit an Income Tax Return for 2023. For example, if someone had sales of €23,000 with expenses of €5,000, resulting in a net income of €18,000, they still need to submit an Income Tax Return even though the tax is €0.

The completion and submission of the income tax return for the year 2023 must be done exclusively through the Taxisnet portal by July 31, 2024. To assist the self-employed, a detailed guide has been prepared to help with the completion and submission of the Return.

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