Basic information
What is Logistaras?

Logistaras is a mobile application to help the self-employed persons in managing their accounting needs and in the fulfillment of their obligations to the authorities (VAT, Income Tax, Social Insurance Fund, National Health System - GeSY).

Why use Logistaras?
  1. Through the application on the mobile you can register a transaction related to work (expense or income) at any time, even photograph it for electronic archiving.
  2. You receive notifications on your mobile phone so that you do not forget any deadline regarding VAT obligation, Income Tax, etc. to avoid fines and interest.
  3. You can easily view updated financial tables related to your work, e.g. income minus expenses, VAT submission.
What is the cost of using the Logistaras service?

The subscription to the Logistaras service is only €15 per month and fully deductible as a business expense. The application can be installed and used free of charge for 30 days.

How is payment made at Logistaras?

Payment is made the respective store downloaded, Google Play or Apple Store.

Is there VAT on the amount of the subscription?

Yes, there is 19% VAT, and the total monthly subscription payment amount is € 17.85. But, the cost of the subscription is work expense, and the VAT € 2.85 is refunded through the submission of VAT (deducted from the amount due).

How can I unsubscribe from Logistaras?

At any time, you can choose to stop the service through the application (option is provided in the personal settings) or simply not accept the payment for the next period. The subscription is automatically deactivated. If the termination option was made before the end of the prepaid period, no amount will be refunded.

Use of Service
Who is the target user of Logistaras?

The current version of Logistaras is aimed at the self-employed people in Cyprus who provide primarily services (lawyers, architects, accountants, real-estate brokers, business consultants, trainers, designers, repairmen, wellness and beauty service providers, and many others).

Who is it NOT for?

The current version of Logistaras does not provide inventory control and payroll functions. In addition, the current version may not adequately serve self-employed persons with special tax arrangements. You can contact us for clarifications.

When is it mandatory to use the services of a certified accountant?

Those self-employed who have incomes over € 70,000 per year must present audited accounts by a professional accountant. You can contact us for information, www.logistaras.com/contact-us

How can my account be accessed by my accountant?

Your accountant can access your account through the websitewww.logistaras.com/login To give access please contact uswww.logistaras.com/contact-us

If I reinstall the application on the mobile, will the data be lost?

No, the data is also stored on a secure server. Once the application is reinstalled, e.g., on a new mobile phone, by logging in to your account the data is automatically transferred to the application.

Can I access my account without the app?

Yes, your account is also accessible through the websitewww.logistaras.com/login