The mobile application for the self-employed!
  • Easy record of income and expense transactions
  • Auto reports and tax tables ready to submit
  • Reminders for VAT, Income Tax, Social Insurance, GeSY, Vies
  • Customizable to the user's individual needs
What is Logistaras?

Logistaras is a service application that aims to help those in self-employment manage their finances and keep track of their tax responsibilities such as VAT, Income Tax, Social Insurance and GeSY

A few things about us

The innovative Logistaras service was created to meet the needs of the self-employed in Cyprus for efficient and economical management of their accounting and tax obligations. Logistaras successfully completed the startups program of the IDEA Innovation Center of the Bank of Cyprus, then received investment from GAIN Venture Studios to develop the technology, and is certified as Innovative SME by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Monthly Subscription Fee

The application is available for a 30-day free trial for all users. After the trial expires, the monthly fee to continue is €15 (+VAT).
  • The service is accessed via mobile application as well as via web login
  • Anytime record of a transaction, revenue or expense, with option of photo archive
  • Real-time report of revenue, costs, and business profit calculations
  • VAT report as per user’s individual 3-month period, and VIES monthly report if needed
  • Calendar of tax & other obligations, with reminder notifications on the deadlines
  • DIY support on Income Tax self-taxation and GeSY contributions
Monthly Subscription Fee
Introducing Logistaras


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Income Tax season is here.

Income Tax season is here.

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