The mobile application for the self-employed!

  • Easy transaction input to keep track
  • Reminders for VAT, Income tax, Social Insurance and GESY payments
  • Free (trial) for 30 days!

What is Logistaras?

Logistaras is a mobile application that aims to help those in self-employment manage their finances and keep track of their tax responsibilities such as VAT, Income tax, Social Insurance and GESY

A few things about us

The innovative edge of Logistaras focuses on helping the self-employed in Cyprus handle their financial and tax-related responsibilities and the core business idea has been showcased to the IDEA Innovation Centre where it was chosen to take part in the 2021 start-up program 

Monthly subscription package

The application is available for a 30-day free trial for all users. After the trial expires, the monthly fee is €15 (+VAT)

  • Input of transactions as well as revenues and costs with the option of a photo or document upload

  • Real-time revenue, costs and profit calculations

  • Financial responsibilities calendar with regular notifications/reminders

  • Information on VAT, Income tax, Social Insurancer and GESY payments 

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