How to pay GeSY (General Health Care System) as self-employed in Cyprus?

The self-employed have the obligation to pay contributions to GeSY (local National Health Service) equal to 4% of the net income (profit from work, income less expenses). This payment is calculated together with contributions to the SIF (Social Insurance Fund). However, because the contribution to the SIF is usually lower than the actual income, there is the obligation to pay the additional difference in two installments: until 31/7 of the year for the 1st semester and until 31/12 for the 2nd semester. The best way to comply with this self-taxation is through the tax portal , the passwords are the same as for taxisnet.

Here, you must create a statement before 31/7 of the estimate of the GeSY difference for the current year (tax code 213) and automatically the system creates 2 payment obligations of equal value per 1st and 2nd semester, the 1st payment installment is paid until 31/ 7 and the 2nd payment installment until 31/12. If the final 4% contribution is greater than the estimate then an additional debt statement must be created to add up correctly.